What is workplace burnout and how can you stop it

It's been an open secret in the tech world for a long time that workplace burnout is a real issue. One of the reasons why it persists is the general stigma around mental health and not having open discussions about it. And only just this year, in May 2019, the World Health Organization finally made it an official medical diagnosis. We chat with Jeffery Liebert, a psychologist who specializes in workplace burnout in Silicon Valley, to give us some resources and tools to help with workplace burnout.

How do you develop yourself and your code while fighting off trolls

We chat with Ali Spittel, a software engineer and developer advocate at DEV, an online community where programmers share ideas and help each other grow. Ali talks about the beginnings of her popular coding blog, strategies for dealing with online abuse, as well as some coding advice for beginners, such as what non-programming skills can help programmers, how to get past the cycle of just using online tutorials, and what makes a great website.

What is data journalism and how do you tell stories through your code (Sandeep Junnarkar)

We chat with Sandeep Junnarkar, Director of Interactive Journalism at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism. He tells us about his journey into code launching the New York Times on the web, what data journalism is and how to do it, and why it’s important to tell stories through code.



Radix sort: the patient zero of sorting algorithms

We're getting to the root of where sorting algorithms began with radix sort ("radix" is latin for "root," this is a funny joke I assure you).

You can count on counting sort

You may have noticed that it's really hard to sort things efficiently. Well, that's where counting sort comes in!

Getting to the bottom of the heap…sort

We've gotten acquainted with heaps as arrays, now we're diving into heap sort with some help from a few condiments!



Bonus Episode: JCK Las Vegas

In this episode, JCK Editor-in-Chief Victoria Gomelsky and News Director Rob Bates share in some preshow excitement for JCK Las Vegas 2019 with Yancy Weinrich, senior vice president of Reed Jewelry Group.

Episode Two: May Edition

In this episode, JCK Editor-in-Chief Victoria Gomelsky and News Director Rob Bates chat with gem dealer Joe Menzie about his history in the industry and his gemstone expeditions around the globe.

Episode One: March Edition

In this episode, New Director Rob Bates = interviews diamond analyst Ben Janowski, who shares an industry insider’s perspective on mined and lab-created diamonds.