Step inside Harvard’s most popular class (David Malan)

CS50 is the largest class at Harvard, with 800 students, but you can also find these engaging lectures online. We chat with the professor of this popular and unconventional class, David Malan, Gordon McKay Professor of the Practice of Computer Science.

How to make the workplace more inclusive (Nicole Sanchez)

We chat with Nicole Sanchez, founder and managing partner at Vaya Consulting, a D&I consulting firm, about living by your company's values and making diversity and inclusion a founding priority.

How do you transform your career?

Deciding to start over again and begin a new career path can be overwhelming and stressful. We chat with Kanika Tolver, founder of Career Rehab and senior project manager for the US Department of the Treasury, about some of the most important things to consider and some of the best resources to use to help you along with your career shift.



Radix sort: the patient zero of sorting algorithms

We're getting to the root of where sorting algorithms began with radix sort ("radix" is latin for "root," this is a funny joke I assure you).

You can count on counting sort

You may have noticed that it's really hard to sort things efficiently. Well, that's where counting sort comes in!

Getting to the bottom of the heap…sort

We've gotten acquainted with heaps as arrays, now we're diving into heap sort with some help from a few condiments!



Bonus Episode: JCK Las Vegas

In this episode, JCK Editor-in-Chief Victoria Gomelsky and News Director Rob Bates share in some preshow excitement for JCK Las Vegas 2019 with Yancy Weinrich, senior vice president of Reed Jewelry Group.

Episode Two: May Edition

In this episode, JCK Editor-in-Chief Victoria Gomelsky and News Director Rob Bates chat with gem dealer Joe Menzie about his history in the industry and his gemstone expeditions around the globe.

Episode One: March Edition

In this episode, New Director Rob Bates = interviews diamond analyst Ben Janowski, who shares an industry insider’s perspective on mined and lab-created diamonds.